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Now you have Purchased your “Own Dream home or condo” in Puerto or Nuevo Vallarta… And you would like to get some “rental income” from your property

Buying many advertising websites, putting out ads, spending time and money answering emails and inquires all day is very costly and “time consuming”…and some owners just do not have the time to keep this up on a full-time basis.

That is where Al and Jill can help. We have been renting our “own” 3 condo homes” in Puerto/Nuevo Vallarta for over 16 years now. We have developed our own website, as well, have purchased 20-30 or more search engine sites that we update constantly to “draw” rental customers from the web. It takes years to develop web rental customers, have websites that attract customers and have good positioning to receive inquires, and knowledge to know how to attract guest to your condos, instead of the, booking at one of the competitors thousands of others listings, of people who are also renting their units.

We have developed strong customer base clients, who rent both short term as well as long term. We have expertise to know how to attract the “right kind” of renters that are suitable to your condo property.

We have developed extensive: contracts which we send out to customers once deposits are made, we have policies, terms and conditions, as well have developed extensive “check in and check out procedures” operational instructions and many other professional booking tools which we use with all clients. Also accept online: Visa, M.C, and Pay Pal from our clients…we have online terminals and pay the percentages 4-5% on credit card commissions..

We advertise all our condos on other sites like VRBO,, AirBnB, Expedia, Owners Direct and Trip Advisor! Our services include listing your condo, updating the site for pictures, rental rates, rules and security deposit

Do you have someone who can look after your condo?

Pay the bills? upkeep, repairs, and look after keys to renters… ???

For rental do you have a reliable property manager Claudia Castillo who can look after your rental guests? Be there to fix things when rental customers are in your condo, looking after their questions and needs, deliver their keys and check in on them before, during and after their stay? Cleaning, and getting ready for new rentals?? Who will do this for you?? We have a proven and reliable “property manager” we can recommend for a monthly fee, arranged between you and her. Each owner has specific things they require, some only occasional cleansing and repairs, and some full rental services, housekeeping, maintenance and bills to be paid.

We can arrange this for you…and set up a monthly fee structure for a manger for your “specific needs” Claudia has been working with us for 15 years and offers services to the renters like airport pick up, pre grocery shopping and local activity bookings. She has branched out into Real estate services like buying and selling. With her knowledge she will assist potential buyers from buying that problem condo complex. Legal advise is also available from "Rolo" who has joined our team

We have developed a team to look after your needs. Our team includes our English-speaking property manager, housekeepers, maintenance, as well as chefs, babysitters and drivers for hire if required.

We have reliable services, repair men and other contacts that will make looking after your unit careful and stress free!

Rentals for owners, just sit back and let us look after your renters from start to finish. just have the rental funds deposited into your bank account

Call 1-604-901-6989 or 1-778-875-9262